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Designed to captivate elegance, functionality, and grandeur, our banquet facilities can accommodate functions of nearly any size. Ballroom (capacity 563), Conference-Room and Classrooms are available for rentals for Weddings, Receptions, Conferences, Meetings, Graduations, Birthday Parties and more.

Banquet Hall - 1st Floor

(3 Halls Combined)
3780 Square Feet

( 1 Spaces Available)
Banquet Style: 300 Persons
Theater Style: 550 Persons

Sectional Ballrooms

(Hall 114/116/118)
1260 Square Feet

( 3 Spaces Available)
Banquet Style: 90 Persons
Theater Style:170 Persons

Function Room

(Hall 122 & 217)
960 Square Feet

( 1 Space Available)
Banquet Style: 60 Persons
Theater Style:108 Persons

Banquet Hall - 2nd Floor

(Hall 212)
2100 Square Feet

( 1 Space Available)
Banquet Style:150 Persons
Theater Style:350 Persons
Are you looking for a banquet hall for rent in Houston? If yes, then you’ve reached the right place. Affordable and cheap banquet halls for rent are available in India House Houston. Our facility is designed to accommodate large as well as small gatherings. It is fully equipped with all the amenities required for hosting any occasion here. The space is designed elegantly and can be decorated as per the occasion.

What type of banquet hall for rent are available at India House Houston?

India House Houston offers a variety of options in case of banquet hall rentals which makes our entire space apt for different styles of gatherings. Ballroom (capacity 563), Conference-Room and Classrooms are all available for your event. If you rent a banquet hall for your event with us, you can pick from these below mentioned options:

Option1: Banquet hall at 1st floor

Indian banquet halls in Houston is perfect to hold the capacity of 300 to 550 people. Size of this hall is 3780 sq. ft. The space can be utilised in different formats using the decorations and setting arrangement. This one is designed to accommodate large gathering. In our opinion it's perfect for hosting weddings or corporate events.

Option 2: Sectional ballroom hall

Our sectional ballroom hall is a perfect banquet hall for rent in Houston to host a capacity of 90 to 170 people. It is about 1260 sq. ft. in size and can be given different looks using decorations. Decoration options available that you can choose for your event. This one is perfect to host events like birthday party, rehearsal dinner or meeting.

Option 3: Functional rooms at 1st floor and 2nd floor             

Functional rooms at India House Houston are 900 sq. ft. in size to be exact and can host capacity of 60 to 108 people easily. You can host host your birthday parties, small sized corporate events or meetings at this space. It is apt to host rehearsal dinners as well. If you are looking for cheap banquet halls for rent, this is your perfect spot.

Option 4: Banquet Hall on 2nd floor

Among all the banquet hall rentals options available with us, this one is perfect to host medium capacity events. This facility is 2100 square feet in size and can easily host a capacity of 150 to 350 people. If you are planning a wedding, this can be your affordable and cheap banquet halls for rent. You can get the decorations of your choice and plan your occasion with our support. We have shared some of the pictures to give you an idea about how the space appears post set up. These pictures were taken at some of the previous events hosted at our banquet hall rentals. This will give you an idea on how your event would look like at our facility.

Which all ceremonies can be hosted at India House Banquet halls?

Our banquet halls our designed to captivate elegance, functionality, and grandeur, our banquet facilities can accommodate functions of nearly any size.
  1. Weddings,
  2. Receptions,
  3. Conferences,
  4. Rehearsal dinners,
  5. Meetings,
  6. Graduation parties,
  7. Birthday Parties and more.
India house, your perfect location to host your next ceremony in Houston. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large one, we have a space available for you. This venue isn't for a standard event but can be customized as per the event’s requirement. India House has many years of experience in hosting perfect events. Our beautifully decorated banquet halls come complete with a staff of professionals to assist you with every aspect of your event. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or just a fun party with friends and family, we are there for you. We provide banquet hall rentals for everyone in USA. You can contact us at (713) 929-1900 to know more about our services, and get clear information about the amenities we offer and their inventory that will be available for immediate review.