Programs and Services

Charity Medical Clinic

Due to Covid-19, we are offering TeleHealth Clinic online.

Food Distribution (Free)

Twice a month India House distributes food to the people in need

Yoga (Free)

Due to Covid-19, yoga classes are offered online under the guidance of qualified instructors.

BollyX Fitness Classes (Free)

BollyX fitness classes are offered online by our qualified instructor

Technology Classes (Free)

Due to Covid-19, interactive technology session is offered online by our young volunteer

Family Law Consultation (Free)

Due to Covid-19, family law consultation is by phone only.

Immigration Consultation (Free)

Due to Covid-19, free immigration consultation is offered by phone.

Line Dance Classes (Free)

Due to Covid-19 Line Dance classes are offered online by our qualified instructor

Hindi Language Classes

Hindi is taught online by our experienced teacher

Cricket (Taped Ball)

Cricket is played every Saturday

Relationship Coaching (Free)

Get better control of your emotions

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Sareen Health Clinic

Sareen Harris Health same-day clinic is closed except for the Physical Therapy Clinic


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Archived Events

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