The Building | O P Jindal Center

India House was designed by renowned Houston architect Ray de la Reza. Here’s the description of the design from their website and some photographs:

“India House is designed to build on India´s rich architectural principles rather than replicate its forms. The facility houses various organizations and provides spaces for community services including cultural/language education; immigration consultation; minor medical care and legal services. Reconfigurable multipurpose rooms allow for a range of events from small private functions to large celebratory events seating up to 563. Visitor attentions are immediately captured with an impressive jewel-like entry lobby. The interior lobby volume sparkles with light-play created by patterned glass designed as a contemporary interpretation of the Hindi “Jali”, a traditional sun-screen with our contemporized interpretation.”

India House Master Plan consists of 3 Phases

PHASE 1 (Complete)
Community Service Center Building
(Named OP Jindal Center)

Performing Arts & Cultural Center
(Naming Opportunities Available)

Central Courtyard and Plaza
(Naming Opportunities Available)

PHASE 1 (Complete) Community Service Center Building
O P Jindal Center

The India House was completed at a cost of $5,160,000 and has been available for occupancy since August, 2008.

Indian President Abdul Kalam visited Indian House during construction, which attracted more than 1,200 people!

India Ambassador Ronen Sen visited India House during construction and pledge his support.

India House Facility Pictures


First Floor – Legend

1. Main Lobby
2. Lounge
3. Admin Offices
4. Multi-purpose Banquet Halls
5. Party/ Conference Hall
6. Kitchen
7. Mechanical / equipment room
8, 9, 10, 11. Sareen Harris Health Same Day Clinic

Second Floor – Legend

1. Lobby Loft
2. Game Room Loft
3. Library Reading Room
4. Party / Conference Hall
5. India House Volunteer Charity Clinic and Private Offices
6. Mechanical room
7. Class Rooms
8. Open To Below
9. Roof


Community Cultural Center Building
(Naming Opportunities Available)

At its 11th annual gala, India House announced plans to build a community culture center to host activities for 800 people at a cost of $8 million. A five-star banquet facility that community, organizations and private individuals could use at a reasonable price. Ray de la Reza, who had a designed the existing India House building is now designing the Phase-2, plans. The culture center shares many of the design elements with India House. Instead of the cone, the cultural center will have a two-story inverted cone at its front, which opens to the sky at the top

India House is envisioned as the epicenter of the Indo-American community. The second building, India House Cultural Arts Center, will serve as Houston’s “Window to India”. Together, both facilities create an important campus that will be a destination for all Houstonians. The Cultural Arts Center may include facilities for performing visual arts, poetry recitals, and retail spaces for crafts, a food court served by Indian restaurants and a museum to showcase India’s diverse heritage.

Naming Opportunities Available:

Performing Arts & Cultural Center

Performing Arts & Cultural Center- Building Interior

Youth Center

Multi-level Parking Garage

Central Courtyard and Plaza
(Naming Opportunities Available)