Personality Development Workshop with Sujan Shah


India House in association with Sujan Shah Presents PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP FOR YOUTH
Batch 3: Starting Jan 7th • EVERY SUNDAY 1:00 – 2:00 PM (CST) • Age: 10-18 Years Old

The goal of the Personality Development course based on mindfulness is to prepare the youth to understand basic emotions, improve self-awareness, and assist them in identifying and observing the fundamental qualities of being human to regulate their thoughts, feelings, stress, images, and anxiety better, and be able to communicate their needs, increase attention, and coping mechanism, developing uniqueness to excel in the most challenging situations.

Schedule of Each Session:

Jan 7: Introduction-What is mindfulness?

  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Introduction to Personality development through mindfulness
  • Importance of meditation and mindfulness

Jan 14: Emotional Regulation & Embracing Being Human.

  • Introduction to basics of emotions.
  • What are our fundamental emotions? What comes with being human?
  • How and why do emotions arise?

Jan 21: What is the Authentic Self, & how is the Image created?

  • What is an image?
  • How can Image get us in trouble?
  • Letting go of an image for better living.

Jan 28: How do you reduce Impulsivity?

  • What contributes to the speed of Impulsivity?
  • How can mindfulness reduce Impulsivity?
  • Art/Importance of Observing Emotions without resistance, fight, or effort.

Feb 4: The Art of Decision Making.

  • What elements lead to making a sound decision?
  • How do you avoid making rash decisions?
  • How do you apply the PAUSE technique for better decision-making?

Feb 11: How do you deal with bullying?

  • What is bullying?
  • How do we tackle bullying?
  • How do you detach from the stressors of bullying?

Feb 18: How to meditate? Importance of meditation.

  • What is meditation?
  • Value of meditation.
  • Creating/manifesting new possibilities.

Feb 25: Summary Session and Kids will be presenting their experiences.

  • Creating The main highlights of learnings, critical discussions, and experiences.
  • The final two sessions include creating Presentations and understanding by kids, shared experiences, improvements, and achievements.

Sujan Shah is a certified meditation/health/total wellbeing coach by Deepak Chopra. He is also a Homeopathic practitioner & keynote speaker in mindfulness.