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Personal Consent, Release and Waiver for Programs at India House

1. I hereby acknowledge that attending the class/session at India House may include my participation in various physical exercises. Accordingly, I hereby acknowledge that my participation has assumed the risk of bodily injury to me.

2. As an adult participant, and on my own behalf, in the event I suffer bodily injury I hereby authorize India House, its officers, directors, organizers and coordinators present at the class to authorize any emergency medical or surgical treatment deemed to be in the best interest of me. I hereby further agree to assume full responsibility for the payment of all fees and expenses incurred for any such emergency medical or surgical treatment so received by me.

3. As an adult participant and on my own behalf, I hereby agree to RELEASE, INDEMNITY and HOLD HARMLESS, India House Inc., its officers, directors, coordinators, organizers and volunteers, from all claims for damages or injunctive relief resulting from my participation in the event, including any claim alleging that damages or injuries were caused by the negligence of any of the Indemnified Parties.

4. By clicking the button below and entering my email and registering, I acknowledge that I accept this liability form and understand the terms that lay down in this form.

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