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With over 120,000 Houston area Indo-Americans, India House represents a rapidly growing segment of Houstonians. Within this community, various organizations provide community services including cultural and language education, immigration services, medical services, and legal services. India House provides the “facility and infrastructure to support the broad needs of the Indian community” and the disconnected organizations providing services to this community. Recognizing these facts and to provide most essential services and participate with the American community at large, it was the desire of the Indo-American community to build a facility that would welcome all  to receive and share values among all who wish to participate.

Instigated to “promote Indian culture and values by providing social, cultural, recreational and community programs, thereby showcasing the Indian community and raising awareness about Indian culture in the local community,” the India house vision was expanded to include a campus facility to serve not only the Indo-American community but also all Houstonians.

  • Goals
    • Unite the Indian Community: Create programs and services that bring together members of various regional and socio-economic subgroups of the Indian community.
    • Involve the Local Community: Create a bridge with the local community, exposing them to Indian culture and tradition.
    • Promote Diversity: Create a place where Indians and non-Indians are welcome regardless of their regional and socio-economic background.
    • Respond to Community Needs: Create programs and services of world-class quality in response to community needs.

  • Programs
    • Senior citizen center
    • Fully fledged library of Indian literature and periodicals; computer   equipment for use by all visitors
    • Classes, seminars and workshops (e.g. language, dance, sports)
    • Health and wellness program (e.g. fitness, yoga, nutrition)
    • Social activities and programs (e.g. special events, trips, festivals)
    • Support and referral services (e.g. legal and medical consultations)

The services requirements described outline two distinct project phases:

Phase-1 Now completed and located in the Southwest part of Houston at 8888 West Bellfort Avenue, Houston, TX 77031. Our aim is to provide programs and services catered for:

Community Seniors – the facility includes senior activity areas and senior support services.

Community Health Service - the facility provides basic healthcare and wellness services with two different clinics.

Community Educational Needs – the facility provides cultural, vocational and continuing education classes and a library.

Community Service Needs – the facility provides legal counseling, immigrant services, and serves as a home for other non-profit service entities.

Community Families and Singles - the facility will provide childcare, continuing education classes, recreational activities and social functions.

Community Cultural Activities – the facility provides a large ball room and banquet hall for various performances and activities held by various organizations.

Phase-2 Is the Cultural Arts Center and provisions for expanded community services. The Cultural Arts Center may include facilities for performing and visual arts, poetry recitals, and retails space for crafts, a food court served by Indian restaurants and a museum to showcase India’s diverse heritage. In addition a safe house is programmed to aid battered spouses and abandoned children.

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